Pet Application form

  • Pet Details:

  • Description of pet :

  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.

I request the consent of the property owner to keep the above pet on the property.

Term and conditions
Pet approval is subject to specific criteria and approval is not guaranteed. Further approval is required from the body corporate in writing, if the property is under a body corporate scheme.

  • If approved the tenant understands that is my/our responsibility as pet owners to maintain cleanliness at all times, cleaning and disposing of any animal faeces and other mess within the lot or common area.
  • Tenant agrees to maintain a high standard of preventative health care, including the pet will be regular flea treated.
  • Upon vacation the tenant agrees to have the carpet professionally cleaned and the fumigation treatment is to be carried out by licenced pest control company – receipt must be provided on completion.
  • Tenants will take reasonable steps to ensure the pets do not become an annoyance to other tenants or neighbours.
  • Tenant agrees that no additional animal/s will be kept on the premise, either short term or temporary.
  • Agree to monitor the noise from the pet to avoid a nuisance to the neighbours
  • Acknowledge that I/We shall be liable for any damage to the property caused by the pet and shall pay immediately for any costs incurred in rectifying this damage.
  • If approved, you are required to sign the tenancy agreement and associated paperwork.