Vacating Information

Vacating Information

Moving out of your property can be a very stressful time. According to the law, you are required to leave a rental property in the same state you moved in – minus ‘fair wear and tear’.

There will be lots of cleaning and perhaps some minor repairs to be done before handing the property back to us. We can recommend good contractors who charge very reasonable rates to take the stress out of all these tasks.

A week before vacating please contact your Property Manager to arrange a time to meet to carry out the vacate inspection. Please note that at this time you will need to be ready to hand back the keys, so please make sure it is clean and in order. If everything looks good and your rent is paid up to date plus there are no outstanding invoices, we will arrange for your bond to be refunded in full from the Bond Board.


If the property is not up to standard, we will allow 24 hours for you to return to the property to rectify the cleaning or repairs. Please note that you will NOT be permitted to keep the keys overnight as this may compromise the landlord’s insurance. If you need more time, we can extend your lease which means that further rent will be payable.

If you are unable to rectify the necessary repairs or cleaning, we will arrange for our contractors to attend and take the cost out of the rental bond.

The important thing to remember is that your Property Manager is obligated to ensure the property is clean and ready for new tenants to move in, with as little vacancy time as possible. It is therefore vital to work with your Property Manager so that you can receive your bond refund quickly.

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