Tenant Information


This is a general guide as to the process of applying for a property through to being a tenant. Please note that we are trying to be eco-friendly and saving on paper, so many of our processes are done electronically – to be more efficient and easy for everyone.

How to apply for a property

You can apply for a property once you have viewed it. You will be sent a link to tApp which will guide you through the process. The more information you can provide the quicker your application will be assessed and approved. If there are documents missing then someone with a completed application may be approved in front of yours, so be organised. Once submitted we will let you know if you have been successful, or not. If you have not received the link click here

What happens once approved

You will receive an email from us confirming the lease terms and a request for two weeks rent, being the deposit and first week’s rent. Once received the property will be removed from the market, so it’s important to pay this as quickly as possible, otherwise the property remains available to others. Details of how to pay will be given to you. Once payment is made, should you wish to withdraw you will forfeit one weeks rent, the 2nd week will be returned to you.

Bond Payment

4 Weeks bond is payable. You will automatically receive an email from the Bond Board informing you of how much to pay and how to pay it. Please note 3 working days prior to the lease commencement date is required for payment to be made. If the bond is not received this could delay the day you receive the keys. Once you have paid the Bond Board, they will email us to confirm the funds are received. For further information please Click this link

Utility Connections

You have the option of contacting providers directly or you may use our ‘Move Me In’ option, which can do it all for you, hassle free and completely free of charge. Click this link

Do I need contents insurance?

Landlord insurance does not cover tenant belongings. It is your responsibility to ensure you have contents insurance for your own possessions against theft or damage.

Lease signing

Your Personal Property Manager will meet you on site for the lease signing. The lease agreement will be sent to you prior to our meeting, for you to review. The lease can be signed person to person, on site, through DocuSign, or by electronic signature if one of the parties is unable attend.
When all parties have signed the contract then all parties will receive a copy of the completed document.

Condition report

A detailed condition report with photos is conducted by us before you move into the property. You will receive a copy of this report via email before the keys are handed to you. This is your opportunity to note any differences found, and return it to us by email within 7 days, as per legislation. This is important because it can be used as evidence against you should there be a dispute about who should pay for cleaning or damage, particularly at the end of a tenancy.

Payment of rent

The 2 weeks you paid when approved for the property are allocated as your first 2 weeks rent. Further, rent is payable via Rental Rewards system. The rent is payable fortnightly or monthly, in advance, at all times.

Commencement of lease

Prior to the lease commencement date, we will arrange a time to meet you on the day the lease commences at the property to hand over the keys and go through the property with you.


Tenant Portal

Tenant Portal is an online platform through our website where you can access your property information and communicate directly with your Personal Property Manager. Tenant Portal gives you the flexibility to have real time access to your information, whenever or wherever you are. You will be given information on how to log in prior to your lease commencing by your Personal Property Manager.


Any maintenance issues can be lodged through the Tenant Portal, which will keep you up to date by email until the whole job is completed. For anything more urgent please contact your Personal Property Manager or see the 2nd page of your Tenancy Agreement.

Can I keep pets?

While we encourage our owners to allow pets to be kept, sometimes they don’t feel the property is suitable and therefore won’t give permission. Pets are only allowed to be kept at the property with written permission from the landlord/property manager/Strata Company – otherwise this is a breach of the lease agreement.

What happens when the lease expires?

Details of the expiry date can be found in the lease agreement. If this date passes, the lease becomes a ‘continuing agreement’. This ensures all parties are bound by the original lease terms.
A lease renewal can be requested from your Personal Property Manager. The owner of the property has the right to renew the lease and let arrangements continue under the terms of the original lease, or issue the appropriate notice requesting that the property is vacated.
It is important to communicate whether or not you wish to continue living in the property with your Personal Property Manager well before the expiry date of the lease. This allows everyone to make necessary plans and arrangements.

For further information please see Tenants Resources